Diagnosis of the organism at a distance. Extrasensory, bioenergetics, alternative medicine.
Psychic, bio-energy therapist Svetlana Kim. Spend remote diagnosis to identify the diseases and injuries of organs and systems of the body, have a large experience in this direction. To do…

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Effective folk remedies treatment
Medicinal plants can not only cure, but also to maintain our body in good tone, increase efficiency, free up resources that spend our bodies to fight diseases, improve quality of…

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Alternative medicine – herbal medicine

Phytotherapy is the treatment with synthetic drugs. Herbal medicine known for centuries. Independently to collect them is not easy. This can be done only during dry and warm days. Wet plants lose their value. It is impossible to collect herbs, growing near the highway and close to industrial enterprises.

So I often use ready-made grass, produced in the filter-packs, dried or in the form of tablets, syrups, ointments and creams. They are sold in pharmacies.

For anyone

This is a great tool for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and chronic fatigue syndrome who have problems with skin suffering from constipation. It is believed that herbs can be used for the treatment of cancer and various tumors. but it is not a purely medical approach.

How does

Its medicinal properties of the herb have an obligation contained in them medicinal substances. These compounds affect the whole body, regulating the work of the organs. Most often they are used in the form of infusions and decoctions.

Intake of herbal medicines should be agreed with the doctor. Only after consultation should be taken, for example, heart of grass (a Lily of the valley or Foxglove woolly) and decreasing pressure (hawthorn, mistletoe, Valerian officinalis).

Among the most popular herbs – plantain, help salicilatami; elderberry – from inflammation of the mouth, throat and sore throat; St. John’s wort, helps with disorders of the liver and gallbladder, but useless for the treatment of cancer of the pancreas or in the liver; chamomile which has antiseptic properties.

For complex effects, you can use the drugs with the combination of the highly active elements, such as Wobenzym. Enzymes included in its composition, optimize metabolism, lower cholesterol, stimulate immunity, reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Herbs can harm people with allergies and pregnant women should avoid funds having laxative or diuretic effect. Even herbs that are considered harmless, can have adverse effect if applied incorrectly.

Problems arise usually when they overdose. Thus, prolonged intake of decoction of juniper berries may cause kidney function, and this disruption can lead to treatment of kidney cancer and the adrenal gland. If you long to drink the decoction of chamomile, it can cause skin inflammation, disrupt the menstrual cycle. Nettle may cause eyelid swelling. Horsetail – can lead to deficiency of vitamin B1. If you are taking medications, it is necessary to clarify, not change their actions of herbal teas that you intend to drink.

Where and how much

Herbs can be bought in pharmacies by weight, or Packed in filter-bags. Herbal treatment gives the effect of a month after the start of the course.