Ancient and traditional recipes from disease methods of treatment
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Healer Vladimir Muranov
Healing The main thing in my work is to find and fix the true cause of the disease, which, as a rule, is not obvious at first glance, and affects…

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The benefits and harms of ozonization of water

What are the benefits of ozonation

The ozone after the water treatment samoraspustitsya – is converted back into oxygen. Water treated in this way, loss of taste, smell remains the same. If there was an overdose of ozone, the decay is no longer a problem. If to understand an essence of process of water purification by ozone, it is generally a natural process, only much faster. In nature water is purified with oxygen and solar radiation.

Ozone belongs to the category of very strong oxidants. For example: ozone eliminates microorganisms in water fifteen to twenty times faster than chlorine, and bacteria it is superior to chlorine in the three hundred-six hundred times. As to the action of ozone on viruses, then, for example, the polio virus dies within two minutes, whereas chlorine for this purpose it is necessary three hours. Ozone is effective in combating Escherichia coli. E. coli in the course of the research gave the highest stability to oxidation, but ozone and it died. To avoid bacterial dysentery and typhoid fever can also due to the ozonation of water (here you can learn about the modern systems, ozonation).

Ozonation from a chemical point of view has no pliniana the mineral substances dissolved in water, in other words the water does not lose its beneficial properties. So after ozonation in water do not appear any additional extraneous chemicals.

What’s the harm of ozonation

First, we must not forget that ozone is a toxic gas. At high air concentrations the mucous membranes can be damaged, and it is dangerous to the respiratory tract and lungs. It is not so rare and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract with long-term contact with ozone. It is necessary to specify the fact that even today there are no reliable data on the impacts of micro-concentration of ozone on the organs and systems of the human body.

Any ozonation system requires monitoring of and compliance with safety regulations.

Not so long ago, ozone was considered a panacea for any disease. However, a more detailed study showed that in addition to diseased cells of the skin ozone kills healthy lung cells. As a result of different mutations occurring in living cells. In Europe, ozone therapy is not applied, in the vastness of America, the use of ozone in medicine is not legal. To apply it is allowed only in nonconventional medicine.