Magic jade - the people's medicine
The name of this mineral "jade" dates back to the time of the conquest by the Spaniards of Central and South America and literally means "lumbar" stone piedra de ijada…

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"Cranberry mountain dumps"
Kuzbass pharmacists propose to grow medicinal plants on recultivated lands Kemerovo scientists pharmacists and pharmaceutical manufacturers have developed a program of revival of industrial plantations of medicinal plants in the…

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Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam


The name of the exotic fruit the longan translated from Vietnamese means “dragon eye”. Its appearance really is somewhat intimidating, however, despite this, the fruits have excellent taste and have a very pleasant aroma.

The longan is an evergreen tree that has a dense and spreading crown, and belongs to the genus Nephelium longana.

According to some sources, the longan for the first time appeared in China. Currently this subtropical plant is often found between the elevations, it is able to easily migrate South of freezing to -3 degrees Celsius.

Although longan is considered to be a close “relative” of lychee, yet the fruits of these two plants differ. The longan they are small, on average reaching 2.5 mm in diameter and having yellow-brown color.

Now the longan is a very popular fruit. It is grown not only at home in China, but also in Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam. The name of this fruit comes from the Vietnamese province of the same name.

The flesh of longan is white and transparent. And through it is seen a dark red or black stone, round shaped.

Sheath that covers the fruit from top, is unfit for human consumption. It is very durable, but thin,and its color varies from brownish with spots to yellow and reddish.

The pulp of this fruit is of medium richness, it is sweet and has a distinct hint of musk. The longan is sold in clusters, like grapes. The best taste qualities are distinguished by the fruits, which slightly stale on the counter. The shelf life of the ripe fruit of the longan in the refrigerator a relatively short – no more than five or six days in observance of the temperature 6-8 degrees. In connection with these features for export are harvested green fruits, so that they can ripen during transport.

One tree longan during the summer can bring on average two hundred fruits, and even more. Basically, the harvest is picked by hand, and if the tree is too high – then the millet is cut the whole panicles of fruit and sell it in this form.

The longan fruit can be eaten both in raw form and use them for cooking all kinds of desserts, sweet soups, snacks and drinks. In addition, it can be dried and canned. Also in fruits “dragon eye” contains a special substrate, which is ideal for making liqueurs.

Longan wood is sometimes used in furniture production.