Ayahuasca - shamanic ceremony vgorah Cusco Machu Picchu
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How to lose weight according to the canons of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Traditional medicine, different approach to the question of what to do to lose weight. For example, that the power ultimately leads to the weakening of the body and further weight gain. Why? Read this short review.

The canons of traditional Chinese medicine concerning weight loss.

To give just a few ideas from the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the rest You can read in the special report .

How to get a report know at the end of this review.

To lose weight you need to increase the body’s energy.

To lose weight, you must increase the body’s energy. If we consider the problem under this angle it becomes clear that the lack of energy in the body in order to save energy, the body can reduce some of the most important functions.

Such is not the most important functions include the excretion of metabolic products, because temporary presence in the body wastes do not inflict direct damage.

Way to reduce weight, according to this theory the method will return accepted, which stems from the theory that the excess of energy in the body, it stores it as fat.

It turns out that exercise, diet, counting calories is all sponsorisee energy.

Our theory is the lack of energy leads to the fact that the body ceases to output the waste products and the above-mentioned methods only further aggravate the problem and lead to the opposite result.

The conclusion is that to reduce weight you need to increase the flow of energy in the body, not Vice versa.

Increase total volume of blood and qi in the body.

In traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss never comes down to counting calories and exhausting exercises.

Most of the rules for maintaining a healthy weight in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to strengthen, maintain and better conduction of vital Chi energy.

Strengthening life energy, accelerates metabolism and improves mood. When our life energy is in excess, and it passes freely all over the body, and internal organs work properly.

If energy Qi in the digestive system is strong enough, then our body will have better ability to transform consumed from food calories are not accumulated in fat and energy. And fat stores will be used up faster.

7 rules of weight loss according to KTM: