Herbs and medicinal plants in Krasnoyarsk
There are many ways of healing people, but, herbal treatment is the most natural, pleasant and one of the oldest. From time immemorial people knew the healing power and used…

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Osteoporosis. Folk remedies treatment of osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a serious disease of metabolism, characterized by rarefaction and thinning of bone tissue of the human body. There is a misconception that osteoporosis is a disease of the…

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Diagnosis of the organism at a distance. Extrasensory, bioenergetics, alternative medicine.

Psychic, bio-energy therapist Svetlana Kim. Spend remote diagnosis to identify the diseases and injuries of organs and systems of the body, have a large experience in this direction.

To do this, use bioresonant methods of diagnostics, bio-energy and extrasensory perception. In this case, diagnoses and treats diseases by “reading” the patient’s information and entering in resonance with his energy field. Uses an integrated approach to the diagnosis and cure of the patient.

With energy healer can sense any part of the human body and have a beneficial effect on health. Bioenergy does not deny traditional medicine, and with the practice proves that it and modern advances in medicine go hand in hand, while not interfering with, but rather complementing each other.

During my diagnostic session occur simultaneously and the treatment, resulting in can take some diseases and also improves overall health. The patient during the diagnosis is at any distance (e.g. at home), lying or sitting, not crossing the feet and hands, palms facing up. It is advisable not to be distracted by conversations and other external stimuli, to listen to the sensations (light waves, tingling, heat, etc.)

To establish bioenergeticheskaya with the patient I need to know his name, age and contact him by phone or email. Detailed diagnostic results are communicated to the patient by mail or telephone.

Diagnosis is done at any distance, takes forty to fifty minutes and costs two thousand roubles.At the request of the patient in the future can be treated in the same way in the distance. The treatment plan and number of sessions will be specified separately, and they will cost one thousand rubles.

I would also like to draw Your attention to the remote nature of diagnosis and treatment. This means that the distance between me and the patient can be arbitrarily large, i.e. to seek help from anywhere in the world.

May be of special interest and those who for various reasons are unable to receive urgent medical care. This applies to climbers, sailors, hunters, travelers, residents of remote small settlements, truckers, miners, athletes, soldiers, people of extreme professions and Hobbies and so on.

Contact me – I’d be happy to help.

Non-traditional (alternative) medicine: the healing, bioenergetics, diagnostics.

Location: Everywhere