Physicians: animals that can heal people
Every animal in nature brings with it some benefits. Moreover, workers of medicine argue that some of them are even able to treat people. They include the doctors include the…

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Muira Puama
Muira Puama (Muira Puama) - a small tree from the Amazon forest. In folk medicine of South America, the plant is used as aphrodisiac and as tonic to the nervous…

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Effective folk remedies treatment

Medicinal plants can not only cure, but also to maintain our body in good tone, increase efficiency, free up resources that spend our bodies to fight diseases, improve quality of life. But I also want to say that this is not salvation from all troubles.

Yes, herbs have successfully treated most of the diseases, but not all, and it must be understood. In some cases, more effective than herbal medicine, and some traditional medicine and some have quite a few sessions of psychotherapy…

Among the many methods of treatment of humans, perhaps the most pleasant and natural, and to the same and one of the most ancient medicinal herbs .

Malawi – naturopathic product designed for outdoor use (including the treatment of the skin and mucous membranes). Reviews about Malawi approved this information.

Malawi has antipruritic, deodorizing, analgesic and anti-edematous action, effective in infectious diseases caused by aerobic and anaerobic microbes. In applying the drug in Malawi is not observed the development of resistance of microorganisms. Malawi in complex therapy of acute inflammatory diseases of supplements and increases the action of the main drugs. The ideal solution to cleanse the mucous membranes of ENT organs and genitals.

Jet beaver tool, which is more than 5 thousand years. In order for the vehicle operated more efficiently, with the release of the secret added a variety of supplements – Shilajit, badger fat, lecithin, oil stone, antlers Altai maral… All of them along with castoreum possess a therapeutic effect on the human body and can help where traditional medicine is powerless. To get this life-giving medicine earlier had to kill an animal, and because of this, the population of beavers decreased drastically. To improve the situation in the mining process substances new technologies were introduced. They are used today on special fur farms. Here the beavers are not killed, and the desired substance is produced in such a way that the animal no harm is done. The secret of beaver is located in special sacs located near the anus of the animal. Beaver this substance is necessary in order that they could mark his territory. But the price of beaver spring remained not change.