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Than to treat the throat.

Traditional medicine with SARS

SARS is the common name for several infectious diseases that cause viruses and occurs with lesions of the throat, bronchi, trachea and nose. In some cases, affects the mucous membrane of the eye. Most often the disease affects young children. This group consists of infections of adenovirus infection, influenza, rhinoviruses, parainfluenza and many others.

Infection accompanied by elevated body temperature, runny nose, watery. Lesions of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory system.

Diseases spread from one person to another, in some cases from the virus carrier, the virus is released during sneezing, coughing, and talking. In addition you can become infected with the virus carrier using one utensil, towel and the like. It is better to prevent illness than then long to be treated — prevention of SARS with the help of breathing exercises Pranayama are effective enough.

So, what to treat the throat – knows traditional medicine:

Adults and children with SARS have as much to drink cranberry juice or iced lemon tea. They help to reduce body temperature and normalizes the General condition of the patient’s body.

For anti-inflammatory,herbalists recommend mullein infusion. For its preparation we need the flowers of the plant (15 g) pour boiling water (200 ml), put ten minutes on medium heat. Then leave it for 3:00 in a cool dark place to infuse and drain. Take two teaspoons in the morning, afternoon and evening for half an hour before meals.

As a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and diaphoretic used inhalatie with black elderberry.

Exercised when SARS will be hot compresses alcohol-based, which apply to chest and back.

Cough can take a mixture of honey and egg yolk. For its preparation will need: several egg yolks, mix with liquid honey (1st.l), add wheat flour (2.l) and butter (3h.l), all thoroughly. To receive up to six times a day for half a tablespoon. The course of treatment is seven to eight days.

Also, when the cough is very suitable lemon juice mixed with onion juice and liquid honey. It is a means of taking morning, afternoon and evening on a tea spoon an hour before a meal.

Good results are obtained with an infusion of motherwort. Dry crushed grass (15g) pour boiling water (250 ml) and leave it for 4:00 to infuse and drain. To take morning, noon and night 100 ml for several hours before eating.

Once you lose your voice, you have dry raspberry leaves (10 g) is mixed with powder of ginger (3G), vegetable oil (2H.l) and liquid honey (2H.l). Then pour a liter of boiled water and leave it for 2:00 in a dark warm place to infuse and drain. Take 200 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening before meals.

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