Effective folk remedies treatment
Medicinal plants can not only cure, but also to maintain our body in good tone, increase efficiency, free up resources that spend our bodies to fight diseases, improve quality of…

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Acne: treatment of folk remedies
When the disease because the body releases increased amounts of sebum, skin pores can clog, and when hit there bacteria often starts the inflammatory process. To avoid this, try to…

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Meltwater: the benefits and harms

Melt water is already very long been used in folk medicine. Its relatively easy to get; you do not even need to wait for winter, enough to freeze some water in the freezer and then thaw it. However, to use it should be properly and wisely.

How to cook melt water?

To do this, it must first recruit and filtered. You can boil, but not more than once. Water from the spring or the key, of course, much more useful both for therapeutic purposes is more suitable, but in the absence of her ideal and water.

Thin crust that appears when you freeze, you need to remove, and then promisit water again, until the end. The remainder, which will not have time to freeze, it is better to merge: there are harmful substances.

The resulting ice should be rinsed with clean water and melt before applying inside.

The use of melt water

Its structure is meltwater different from the usual, in connection with which such water strengthens the body and helps the internal organs. It has disinfectant properties, it is capable to bring the body of harmful substances and salts, accelerates the water-salt metabolism.Treatment water helps with headaches. Melted ice it is useful to RUB the skin — it helps to relieve fatigue after a hard day and get rid of small cosmetic defects. Melt water is advised to drink for weight loss and rejuvenation. as it has a positive effect on metabolism and okazyvaetsya effect on the entire body.

Healers washed by meltwater from the evil eye. Its energy is much stronger than that of ordinary water from the tap. A simple washing of this remedy can avert evil influence or prevent spoilage. Melt water used to look to the future .

Harm melt water

To harm your body in treatment, with all its indisputable advantages, it is still possible. It is sufficient to take for the treatment of water snow or ice. It contains many harmful impurities, especially if you collect it in the city. To do this, you should not.

If you are sick with a cold, and you have a weak health, a glass of cold, just thawed melt water inside may not harden your health, and simply chill.

Tap water will be useless if it was boiled repeatedly, but the use of “dirty” water will affect the body. Heavy water with impurities of chlorine can lead to stomach problems.

Use traditional medicines wisely. Drink only healthy water, improve your health, never get sick. And don’t forget to press the button and

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The benefits and harms of traditional medicine
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