The benefits and harms of traditional medicine
Traditional medicines are very common in everyday life: almost everyone knows that honey, raspberries and garlic help against colds, plantain leaf helps to heal wounds, carrots and blueberries are good…

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Physiotherapy in Krasnoyarsk
Physiotherapy Department OOO LDC "Three hearts" provides services for physiotherapy for adult patients suffering from the following disease groups : neurological diseases (and autonomic spondylogenic radicular pain in diseases of…

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Experiments with food and “medicine” bring Primorye to Oncology

Patients hope to be healed consume toxic products, not knowing that causing yourself great harm

Experiments with food, such as the transition to vegetarianism, or a passion for folk medicine can harm the body and bring the patient even before the cancer. Sometimes Primorye use of toxic products in the hope to be healed, not knowing that hurt themselves, about this journalist. RIA PrimaMedia said chief freelance oncologist Primorsky Krai Lyudmila Gurina.

The expert gave the example of when the 50-year-old woman consumed a dairy product with the addition of celandine – I found this recipe in folk medicine. The survey showed an increase in liver enzymes, the enzymes were 10 to 20 times above normal. The woman seemed to celandine she uses for the good, but it turned out that poisons the body – the liver could “fall apart”.

– I have known cases, when patients are ill, living in distant taiga village. The patient consumed a large amount of herbs. In the Newspapers because a lot of recipes. And the output got cancer of the rectum. I plagued her with questions. Women have a cow on the farm, his garden, did not smoke, was not constipation. But she used a lot of greenery with a view of the body’s own healing, ate a lot of plants, dellacasa, drank broths. So it could have provoked the development. This is the extreme, said Gurin.

Gurin warns that the celandine is a poisonous product, its inside should not be consumed. In General, all plants need to be more careful.

We have to learn to cook at home. We should have a traditional Russian soup, borscht, porridge. About dairy products sometimes ask, harmful or not. It all depends on whether the organism is lactose – an enzyme that spaevaet milk, it is possible to old age, to death to drink this milk. No harm from this. And dairy products – adds Gurin.

Don’t have to refuse from meat products, to follow the fashion and go on a vegetarian diet, especially a raw food diet.

– All the meat should not be abandoned. Vegetarian food contains a lot of fiber, like nuts. Walnuts contribute to constipation, because they require a lot of moisture. Plus cereals, which vegetarians consume, contain a lot of roughage. There is no guarantee that the coarse fiber does not cause microtrauma of the rectum, anal canal and will not cause the development of long-term inflammatory diseases, and prolonged irritation can lead to cancer, warns the oncologist.