Poisonous medicinal plants
The ancient Greeks, explaining the action of medicinal plants, they are sometimes endowed with supernatural power. In ancient Greek word "Pharmakon" means both poison and medicine, and witchcraft. From the…

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Useful properties and harms of cinnamon
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Herbs and medicinal plants in Krasnoyarsk

There are many ways of healing people, but, herbal treatment is the most natural, pleasant and one of the oldest. From time immemorial people knew the healing power and used medicinal plants in the treatment of patients. Herbal remedies said in the old Testament and in the Eastern Indian treatise “Ayurveda” – the Science of Life, which for several thousand years. Even modern science has recognized some parts as textbooks.

With the first half of the ELEVENTH century in Kievan Rus began to be formulated and herbalists, where medicinal herbs were recorded. By decree of Peter I in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Lubna in the 18th century were created by “the pharmaceutical kitchen gardens” used for growing the desired plants.

Herbs not only treat, but also increase efficiency, keep the body toned, improve quality of life, provide additional resources to the body. Why is this happening? Because they have rich complex of vitamins and microelements. These components push early aging skin of the face and body, restoring a healthy Shine and strength.

Our skin needs vitamins A, E, C, B2, B2, B5 and B6 improves the condition of the scalp and body. This is the “Golden share” of our health. Women have long appreciated and enjoyed by them since time immemorial. Medicinal resteruants for its effective and gentle on the body. For no side effects, as in the case of the use of medications without habituation effect.

The healing effect of plants can be enhanced by using not only individual plants, and combinations thereof. Fees herbs have a more powerful effect on various diseases, as proven by centuries-old experience of mankind. This happens because the herbs increase the therapeutic properties in combination with each other. This combination of plants catalyze each other and not only treat the underlying disease, but related, contributing to the overall improvement of the body.

Treatment fees herbs are a mixture of crushed to 3-5 mm of the roots, leaves, stems, fruits and seeds of certain plants. A significant role is played by the proportions. Get rich in micro and macroelements, salts, amino acids and metals the collection is able to increase the speed of metabolism.

Healing fees are prepared as a decoction or infusion, at least as an alcoholic extract. Depending on the components of the mixture prepared infusion or decoction. The infusion is prepared in a thermos, if it has a essential component, in order to preserve the nutrients.

It is necessary to think not only about treatment but also about prevention of diseases. It has long been known the concept of herbal tea. Teas are not only a means of disease prevention, but also fragrant, pleasing tastes magical.

Deciding to buy medicinal plants, charges for treatment or herbal teas for prevention, You will definitely help your body. They cleanse the body, increase metabolism. Use properties of medicinal plants for the benefit of his health.