Berries cranberries:useful properties and traditional recipes
Cranberry berry useful, sweet taste with a tart bitterness, becomes especially good after a frost. Those blueberry bushes that had grown, live for 100-200 years: old plants die, they are…

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Physiotherapy in Krasnoyarsk
Physiotherapy Department OOO LDC "Three hearts" provides services for physiotherapy for adult patients suffering from the following disease groups : neurological diseases (and autonomic spondylogenic radicular pain in diseases of…

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Altai Jew’s harps and cases to them

5 reasons to buy Altai Jew’s harps from us: – we give OUR unique. Drums made of natural materials

This category presents drums masters. Diamonds genuine leather deer

The Altai do a lot of different drums. In this category of diamonds from proven. Ocarinas, flutes made of clay

Altai Ocarina is a ceramic whistle flute with closed volume. Flutes from different woods

Buyers of flutes, say.” the tool is very simple, but when you know how. Flute Rain

Sculpture, ocarinas, wall panels and furnishings. Dream catchers

The catchers will promote restful sleep, and to emphasize the ethnic spirit. Earrings, pendants, necklaces

If you wish to make earrings, pendants, beads were not just decoration for your. Talismans and amulets

Don’t know where to buy a talisman and an amulet? Historically to do things. Shaman stuff

Candle holders and sculptures from the Altai cedar

In this section of our Ethno shop are candle holders and sculptures. Ethno bags

Bags made of leather, suede and other materials made of Altai.

Balms, oils, oleoresin, tinctures and Balms pantoprazole on the basis of the Altai herbs

Non-alcoholic balms on the basis of the Altai herbs. Improve health, are. Oils with extracts of medicinal herbs

Vegetable oils with extracts of Altai celebrity is just a collection. Sets “Altai health”

How are these sets? We look at what is in high demand. Antler baths

Cosmetics and fragrance composition bath “Ancient Healers. Pantogematogena (on the basis of the blood of the Altai maral)

Pantohematogen is a biologically active food Supplement, which beneficial properties. Different health products

Syrups and tinctures with the herbal extracts

The concentration of nutrients in syrups and infusions really.

Honey and products of bee-keepers of the Mountain Altai For health. Honey with herbs and roots

Delicious. Nuts and dried fruits in honey

From the bees. Bee honey

The Altai Mountain honey 1 kg (taiga, mountain, grass, etc.)

Useful. Berries in honey

Propolis, pollen, bee bread and other products from beekeepers

We have herbs coarse. This eliminates forgery. You. Herbal teas from diseases

The products are certified, award-winning Russian. Delicious herbal teas of Mountain Altai

Delicious herbal teas of Mountain Altai – the teas of the highest quality, hand. Charges for baths and fito barrels

Herbs of Gorny Altai 137 products.