Atherosclerosis treatment of folk medicine
Atherosclerosis treatment of folk medicine: symptoms, prevention and treatment. Take 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day. Strawberry leaves have a diuretic effect, and along with solamalai excrete excess cholesterol. Garlic…

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Gout (growths of bone) - treatment of folk remedies of the bones on the legs
Methods of treatment folk remedies Gout (Dr. Henry) Causes of gout Very few exceptions, hereditary tendency, gout is a typical disease of civilization, caused by disorders of metabolism (uric acid).…

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The benefits and harms of traditional medicine

Traditional medicines are very common in everyday life: almost everyone knows that honey, raspberries and garlic help against colds, plantain leaf helps to heal wounds, carrots and blueberries are good for eyesight. Open and traditions of folk medicine and used in medical practice for treatment, disease prevention and rehabilitation during the recovery period.

There are entire handbooks of medicinal plants and herbs used in certain cases, also based on natural done a variety of medicines and homeopathic. Widespread treatment of minerals (e.g., blue clay), seaweed, mushrooms, mineral waters and medicinal mud: this practice is known for many centuries and since antiquity, around the world there are many Spa resorts.

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system, various types of therapeutic exercises and physical therapy, developed by doctors on the basis of traditions of folk medicine. However, unfortunately, among the “healers” offering alternative therapies, a lot of charlatans having no special medical training, but also things like knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body. Some pseudoscientific practices, such as urine therapy (urine therapy), have very low efficiency, and in some cases even constitute a danger for health and sometimes for the life of the patient.

When serious health problems are advised not to self-medicate and consult doctor for accurate diagnosis. To banal the scratch you can always tie a plantain leaf or a Kalanchoe, but if, for example, a person observed eruptions on the skin, it is better to make an appointment to see a dermatologist or even an endocrinologist. Especially important immediate appeal to the specialist at the first signs of diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive system, if there is suspicion for tumor: the risk of complications in such cases is particularly high, therefore “pull” on a visit to the doctor is impossible. When de first manifestations of the symptoms of any disease (they are all on the Internet, and clarify the symptoms of heart disease or any type of cancer, for example – symptoms of cancer of the throat. it is not difficult), immediately consult a specialist and undergo all necessary checks.

Remember -it is better to perepadet than nadograditi!