Osteoporosis. Folk remedies treatment of osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a serious disease of metabolism, characterized by rarefaction and thinning of bone tissue of the human body. There is a misconception that osteoporosis is a disease of the…

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Stomach ulcer - alternative medicine
Stomach ulcer Stomach ulcer is a pathology, in which disrupted the integrity of the tissues inside the walls of the stomach. As a result, gastric juice eats away at those…

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Therapeutic properties of rice

In the shell of rice contains large amounts of nutrients in brown, black or brown rice much more than white, but it remains the same nutrients. The rice, which did not take off the shell during processing, antioxidants and gamma-oryzanol, which eliminates toxins from the body and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Rice porridge is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the joints, kidneys, bladder. The starch in the rice that coats the stomach lining and protects it for gastritis, peptic ulcer and hyperacidity of gastric juice. Rice bran could reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer.

The b vitamins contained in rice needed to sustain the normal functioning of the nervous system, to maintain good condition of skin, hair and nails. Lecithin activates the brain, and gamma-aminobutyric acid normalizes blood pressure. Contained in the rice potassium rids the body of excess salt and fluid that enter the body with other food.

The rice has a positive effect on the whole organism, but you must know that brown rice needs to be soaked before cooking for the night. Then the water is drained and fill pan with fresh cold water, put to boil, after ten minutes, dump the water again and pour the rice with cold water. Then the rice cook fifteen minutes after boiling, remove from heat and ukutyvaniem cover, leave for two hours. Brown rice will be tender and crumbly.

Contraindications rice

The rice should not be consumed in the propensity to constipation, obesity, colitis. Imported rice is most often treated before transportation of synthetic substances that protect the rice from pests, give gloss to the rice and improve its palatability. It is therefore necessary to monitor the rice producer to choose the most useful Fig. Should not be used for a long period of time, the rice only as a mono product, it can cause various problems with health.