Alternative medicine in India and the Philippines
Health tourism every year is becoming more popular. Are expanding and there are new medical health institutions in the various countries where tourists are provided with services of this type.…

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The benefits and harms of traditional medicine
Traditional medicines are very common in everyday life: almost everyone knows that honey, raspberries and garlic help against colds, plantain leaf helps to heal wounds, carrots and blueberries are good…

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Treatment of osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as a rule, is carried out using a number of modern and proven techniques and developments. Physiotherapy is, in this case, one of the most important places in the Arsenal of physicians. This area of clinical medicine specializing in the medical and physiological impact on the human body, both natural and artificially created physical factors.

Physiotherapy is the most common and safe method for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with osteochondrosis. It is devoid of side effects inherent in drugs.

Physiotherapists use proven methods thousands of years of physical therapy (mud therapy) and has been created in our time methods – light therapy, shock wave therapy, a magnetotherapy, treatment by high-frequency and low-frequency, and cryotherapy (the ancient age, but in the modern technical version).

One of the very effective procedures in the treatment of degenerative disc disease is a mud, for example, medical applicators Tambukan dirt. The beneficial effect of these applicators is related to the unique properties of the mud of the lake Tambukan (Caucasian Mineral Waters, Stavropol territory), which comes to us without changing its natural composition. In addition to treatment of osteochondrosis, mud applicationissa it is used for diseases of the nervous system (radiculitis, neuritis, ganglionitah, neuralgia), inflammatory diseases of the joints, arthritis, polyarthritis, trauma, etc.

Applicator with mud placed on the interested area of the body surface and is served heated on a water bath to 35-55ºC thermocompressor. After that the patient layer by layer wrapped with tape, cloth and blanket. The procedure is 15-30 minutes. The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures.

In any physiotherapy room, as a rule, has a traditional set of such devices for physiotherapeutic procedures, such as:

magnetic therapy (apparatus “pole”, MAGE, “Gradient”);

phototherapy (ultraviolet irradiation “BIOPTRON”);

treatment with low frequency currents (electrophoresis, amplipuls, currents Bernard, electrosleep) and high frequency (d’arsonval, UHF);

ultrasound therapy;

paraffin-ozocerite applications.