Physiotherapy Health centre Baltezers
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy – therapy by movement, includes a special technologies, remedial exercise and manual therapy. Physiotherapy successfully treats diseases associated with the locomotory system disorders, problems of bones, muscles, joints…

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The benefits and harms of traditional medicine
Traditional medicines are very common in everyday life: almost everyone knows that honey, raspberries and garlic help against colds, plantain leaf helps to heal wounds, carrots and blueberries are good…

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Goat’s milk is the harm or benefit?

Milk is good for everyone! As previously stated the doctors. Later came to the conclusion that people after 30 years of age are not recommended to consume cow’s milk. You can not say about the goat! Goat’s milk, scientists believe, helpful for all at any age. So what is so valuable in goat’s milk?

Many centuries ago, goats were bred mountain peoples of Central Asia, Caucasus, Europe. There is even a myth that is goat suckled Zeus. Knowing about the healing properties of goats milk Hippocrates and Avicenna had treated them. Goat milk is often used in the treatment of gastric and lung disease.

Cheese made with goat’s milk, rich in calcium and vitamin D, so in the middle ages this cheese-fed children suffering from rickets, as rickets develops from a lack of vitamin D.

Only in the early twentieth century, medicine focused on the study of goat milk – its amazing healing properties. Scientists have noticed that babies, for various reasons, deprived of mother’s milk, it perfectly replaces a goat, which is in many respects not inferior to the parent.

In 1900, the Paris medical Academy officially recognized unanimously goats milk product diet. Adults and children with weakened immunotherapeutical this milk to support the body. Violent advocate of the valuable goat’s milk has become the Russian children’s dietician Zhuk V. N. author of the book “Mother and child”. Near St. Petersburg was established a farm, which bred a special breed of goats imported from Switzerland.

However, it took some time, and useful goat’s milk has undeservedly faded into the background, and, for unknown reasons. For a long time, goats milk and its products have become inexplicably exotic. May be because many chose to drink the usual cow’s milk and the usual products created from it, rather than use a goat, having specific smell and taste, to which many were required addictive. Yes and cow farms was much more than goat.

But fortunately goat’s milk eventually began to gain its former popularity and gradually become popular. Many people decide to lead a healthy, correct way of life, methods of a healthy diet, which include goat’s milk. And all the pediatricians in one voice declare about its benefits – goat’s milk is very useful for frequently ill and debilitated children.

Currently there are so many lovers of folk medicine, and it is possible to find a variety of recipes, including valuable goat milk!