Alternative medicine in India and the Philippines
Health tourism every year is becoming more popular. Are expanding and there are new medical health institutions in the various countries where tourists are provided with services of this type.…

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Healer Vladimir Muranov
Healing The main thing in my work is to find and fix the true cause of the disease, which, as a rule, is not obvious at first glance, and affects…

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Ancient and traditional recipes from disease methods of treatment


A strange but fast way of treatment of angina

This treatment is practiced not only in Russia but also in other countries of the near and Middle East.

Close to the mouth of the patient bring big frog and force the patient to breathe directly into it. From the frog’s heart starts to beat faster. And treatment eight to ten minutes is getting better, even if he not only could not eat and drink, but also to speak. After 8-10 minutes the frog release (note that very frequent breathing). The frog makes two or three jumps I. die. The sick recover fully. According to doctors, the disease “goes on a frog”. But this is not true. Maybe in the XXI or XXII century, scientists are exploring this method of treatment and reveal its secrets.

Folk healers in Tehran, in other cities and provinces in Iran almost one this way and treat a sore throat. Again, that frog must be large.

A folk remedy for angina, diphtheria, and scarlet fever

These diseases are the real scourges of humanity. They become victims, mostly children, but adults are no exception.

But against these boleznyami a simple tool used since ancient times in Russia, and maybe in other countries. This means a thirty percent solution of citric acid for mouthwash.

You need to tilt your head back and exhale the air to the solution was bubbled in his throat. Rinse every hour during the day. The solution is extremely useful for all diseases of the throat in the initial stage.

Failing that solution, you can take two or three slices of lemon, pre-clearing the skin, and keep mouth, trying to they were about his throat. The slices should suck, and then swallow. So need to do this every hour until you feel relief. But if the disease is not captured first, the lemon is already useless and it is necessary to use citric acid.