Thai medicine: traditional recipes of beauty
Well, what woman does not dream of a pure and elastic skin, thick and shiny hair? The fair sex are making sacrifices to achieve these results. But there are folk…

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Treatment of osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as a rule, is carried out using a number of modern and proven techniques and developments. Physiotherapy is, in this…

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Ayahuasca – shamanic ceremony vgorah Cusco Machu Picchu

All ceremonies are held in one of our shamanic centers, in beautiful mountain areas

Two shamanic ceremonies of Ayahuasca

One shamanic cleansing ceremony Tae-Mescal (cactus San Pedro)

Ancient “protective” shamanic rituals and ceremonies of cultural kachua “Camanchaca”

Domestic flights in Peru Lima-Cusco-Lima

A sightseeing tour through Lima

Review escorcia in Cusco and the museums of history, etc.

A visit to the valley the sacred valley the “Sacred Valley”

Visit Inko-ruins in Ollaytaytambo.

A visit to the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu

The cost and programme for the day:

First day: Departure from Moscow

Day two: Arrival in Lima. Meeting at the airport. Transfer and accommodation in hotel. Meeting with the guide. Communication and discussion of plans. An overview of the attractions of the city. Rest.

Day three: early morning departure to Cuzco. Arrival to the beautiful city of South America. Transfer and accommodation in hotel. An overview of the attractions of the city.

Day four: check Out one of our mountain log-campamento for the ceremony of Ayahuasca and Sanpedro (Te-Mescal). Familiarity with the shaman. Conversation and preparation for the ceremony. Night — the First ceremony will present itself as a cleansing, Tae-Mascali, through the use of ancient magical cactus San Pedro.

Fifth day: Breakfast. Understanding progeneration. Rest. Day-sightseeing in the town of Pisac. City Bazaar and buy Souvenirs. Return to campamento. The relaxation and meditation. Dinner and sleep.

Sixth day: Breakfast. Rest, relaxation and meditation. Night — the Second ceremony-Ayavaska.

Seventh day: Breakfast. Understanding traversed the ceremony. Rest. (possibly a mountain excursion). The relaxation and meditation. Sleep.

Eighth day: Breakfast. Rest, relaxation and meditation. Night — Third shamanic ceremony. Ceremony Ayawaska.

Ninth day: Breakfast. Understanding traversed the ceremony. Departure to the city of Ollaytaytambo. Explore the ruins of the Inca. Lunch in the restaurant. A visit to the town aguacaliente the evening train. Accommodation and overnight in hotel Aguacaliente.

Day ten: early morning departure for Machu Picchu. Explore the ruins of the ancient city of the Incas. Evening return to Cusco. Accommodation at the hotel.

Eleventh day: Departure to Lima. Accommodation at the hotel. Perhaps visiting the zoo (all depends on time and day of the week). Rest. The night-early morning departure to Moscow

Day twelve: Arrival in Moscow

The price includes:

shamanic ceremony

flight Lima-Cusco-Lima,

meeting and seeing off at airports

all transfers and travel,

accommodation in hotels,

diet Breakfast in a mountain campamento during the ceremonies

entrance tickets to all visited monuments of culture

services of a English speaking guide: during the shamanic ceremonies, tour in Cuzco, visit all the monuments including Machu Picchu