Alternative medicine – herbal medicine
Phytotherapy is the treatment with synthetic drugs. Herbal medicine known for centuries. Independently to collect them is not easy. This can be done only during dry and warm days. Wet…

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Poisonous medicinal plants
The ancient Greeks, explaining the action of medicinal plants, they are sometimes endowed with supernatural power. In ancient Greek word "Pharmakon" means both poison and medicine, and witchcraft. From the…

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Ice cubes cleanser: traditional recipes of beauty

Morning ice cubes perfectly awakens the skin, reduces inflammation, tightens pores, tones the skin, eliminates puffiness and gives a healthy look to the face.

In the summer you can completely replace the conventional washing, wiping healing ice. Low temperature in combination with healthy infusions to tighten, moisturize and refresh the skin. If over the summer you get used to the cold toning of the skin, sponging with ice can continue in the winter. Washing the ice is not only vitality and hydration, but also get rid of edema, and constriction of the pores.

At home, you can create the necessary conditions for holding cold sponging. Try every morning to wipe the face, neck and chest area with ice cubes, slightly touching the skin. Do not stay at one place for a long time, a couple of seconds, swipe on the cheeks, the chin, and then treat the lips, forehead and eyes.

There are a few recipes of beauty ice for face.

Ice cubes with aloe juice and sage:

– 100 ml of decoction of sage;

– 1 tbsp of aloe juice.

To prepare the juice of aloe that will give you maximum cosmetic effectiveness, place the leaves of this plant in the fridge for 2 weeks. After the time vintaage and squeeze the juice. Connect the decoction of sage and aloe juice, then put it in the freezer to freeze.

Watermelon ice:

– 1 Cup of watermelon juice;

– 1/3 Cup of mineral water.

Mix these ingredients and place in the freezer for 24 hours. The next day can start cosmetic wiping. This ice tones the skin and gives the face a rested and fresh appearance.

Ice rice for skin whitening:

– 50 g of rice;

– ½ Liter of water.

Pour the rice water and put on fire. When the rice grains become soft, strain the infusion through a sieve. Pour the resulting infusion into molds and leave to freeze. Daily wiping this broth will help you to get rid of freckles and age spots.

Wine ice for oily skin:

– 2 tbsp. l. dried St. John’s wort;

– 3 tbsp of dried sage;

– 1/3 Cup of boiled water;

– 1/3 Cup of white wine.

Brew the herbs with boiling water and leave for 30 minutes to let the broth managed to infuse. After that strain the liquid and add the wine. Freeze obtained alcoholic tincture and use 2 times a day. Do not wash immediately after wiping, wait 10 minutes so that the nutrients were able to penetrate the skin.

Whitening ice from citrus:

a few drops of lemon juice and grapefruit;

– pure water.

Brew peppermint tea, then let it cool, strain and freeze. Only a couple of actions, healing and rejuvenating beauty ice is ready. They just wipe their face and neck every morning. Start to cook healthy ice cubes now. Rest assured, contrasting rubdown have to like your skin.