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Traditional medicine in Ancient Egypt

From the very beginning of the formation of ancient civilizations there was a need for doctoring . Simple sicknesses and injuries in Hiking and hunting . natural disasters and epidemics reduced the population and weakened the power of the state.

One of the most fascinating civilizations of the ancient world was Egypt . Its art and culture not only attracted the attention of contemporaries, but remained a magical mystery to people living in our time. About the doctoring of the ancient Egyptians is allowed to retrieve data from papyrus scrolls with medical texts, religious texts and works of ancient authors. The presentation of countless medicinal plants for healing from all kinds of diseases surprising. Also in these papyri contains detailed information about the structure of the human body, the sharing of different injuries and their treatment . Application in the modern world, these methods of treatment is unrealistic, because it in most cases would entail the death of the patient. But the contents of the scrolls gives historians an expensive theoretical information about life and medicine in the ancient state. And different medicinal herbs and oils, as described in the papyri are used in treatment today.

One of the main features of medicine in Ancient Egypt is a connection with religion. Medical papyri in addition to a description of drugs and diseases contained religious texts: appeals to the gods, prayers and spells. The main deities of the Ancient healers of Egypt was considered The God of wisdom, God of the underworld Osiris and his sister and husband of the goddess of maternity and femininity, ISIS. Due to the unique cult of the afterlife the Egyptians arose the need for embalming the dead to preserve their bodies safe and future return of the soul in him. This procedure takes a long time, and was described in detail. From the body of the deceased person has been removed the internal organs and brain and was placed in special vessels, later this zavorachivaete body in bandages soaked in resin . The secret embalming is not preserved.

Also the ancient authors inform that in Ancient Egypt there existed more distribution of health professions . every doctor has handled several form of sickness.

The practice of medicine in Ancient Egypt had great power on the development of medicine in other Eastern States of antiquity . say Jew, because a long period the Jews lived in Egypt and also in Ancient times.

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