Poisonous medicinal plants
The ancient Greeks, explaining the action of medicinal plants, they are sometimes endowed with supernatural power. In ancient Greek word "Pharmakon" means both poison and medicine, and witchcraft. From the…

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Pineapple: medicinal properties, application and recipes
Pineapple His birthplace — South America. The pineapple is the representative of the bromeliad family. In the territories of tropical countries, the plant is considered to be one of the…

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Healer Vladimir Muranov


The main thing in my work is to find and fix the true cause of the disease, which, as a rule, is not obvious at first glance, and affects different aspects of human life. Before beginning treatment it is important for me to understand what this man and how he lives: nutrition, sleep, exercise, interests, life purpose, environment, personality, spirituality, philosophy and much more.

Next, it is very important to conduct a thorough external inspection to determine which energies predominate in organs and tissues, in what is tone body, as well as its liquid medium. This is followed by a diagnosis of the energy potential of the whole body and individual organs and systems. At the meeting I need a medical report, reflecting the blood chemistry, if required, tests that reflect viral load, studies on parasites and indications KTM, ultrasound or x-rays.

Only after that can we understand the true cause of violations of physical or mental condition and related life problems, and most importantly, to choose the treatment program, individual for each person.

The impact on the person is multifaceted and occurs through prayer, the vital energy directed to the intercellular space. Due to this, the liquid medium of the organism are structured in a special way and new cells are born not infected. Erased programmablecontrol information and updates of the organism, trophic tissue changes, instrument studies record the changes in blood and other indicators, and externally people look younger.

The work is carried out both contact and contactless. At contact treatment harmonizes the impact of separate parts and systems of the body. Contactless runs a General treatment program on an informative level. You can work at a great distance, but this technique will not work with every person. Only a trained person with high awareness and spirituality can be restored in the distance.

The number of sessions can be from one to seven depending on the complexity and the neglect of the disease. The interval between sessions also to be scheduled individually from 3 days to 2 weeks. Every day our treatment is not necessary, as slow cell metabolism and tissues to completely take over the session.

When treatment is not assigned nor grass, nor any other drugs or remedies. The only thing that can be used is spring water, which is also structured, and the patient drinks it before the next meeting.

The most important is to harmonize the person to balance and then the body samoistselyatsya. At the end of the treatment you need to re-do a medical examination, through which we see the results.