The drug which thins the blood for gastritis
In children as karmic for the same reasons. Viburnum can be eaten alone raw, or adding to other dishes, cook from her jam or jam and use instead of sugar…

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Folk medicine from facial wrinkles
Enjambement covers field intelligence, as I now understand) made me leave his office without giving the necessary instructions. Kargashin Performance - B. will Help to remove and wrinkles, as this…

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Pneumomassage of the limb

Pneumomassage is quite rare, but very effective procedure. It is recommended not only people with severe symptoms of varicose veins, but also for those who are bothered by various kinds of oedema (venous, lymphatic).

Pneumomassage can be used as a regenerative therapy after sclerosis and surgery, as well – as a separate type of therapy.

For example, the doctor may prescribe only pneumomassage, if there is no indication for more radical treatment. In some cases the procedure can even avoid surgery. In addition, it is a good opportunity to eliminate the symptom of “tired legs” when the end of a busy day You feel the pain and heaviness in the legs.

The essence of the procedure of pneumomassage: the full length of the leg to the groin area put on special cuffs, in which at certain intervals the air is supplied. An air-filled cuff pressure sequentially on different parts of the feet. This creates a wave, which drives blood and lymph upwards, activating the processes of circulation.

The positive effect of the procedure is noticeable almost immediately, felt lighter on my feet, energized.

Pneumomassage is assigned and on hand. The principle is just the same. The result: improves blood circulation, increases the number of functioning capillaries, improves trophic tissues, increases muscle tone.

Standard course of pneumomassage is 10 treatments, but the exact recommendations of the doctor YAC OLMEDO gives each patient individually.

Magnetic therapy

Magnetotherapy – is a method of physiotherapy, which is based on the effect on the human body of low frequency AC or DC magnetic field.

In MC OLMEDO devices used for magnetotherapy of the latest generation, which allow to create a frequency similar to the frequency of biorhythms of the patient. This reinforces the therapeutic effect.

Magnetic therapy causes increased permeability of cell membranes and accelerate the redox reactions, increased enzymatic activity.

Magnetic fields can relieve the inflammation and pain, reduce swelling in tissues. Under their influence decreases the activity of the processes of coagulation, stimulation of regenerative processes in tissues.

How to enroll in physical therapy:

Our center offers the most affordable prices on physical therapy in Ekaterinburg. To make an appointment to see the doctor-beautician anyone can.

If necessary, You can contact the specialist medical centre consultation on the content of services, pricing, and current promotions. To examine the document with the current prices on the official page of our medical organization. Prices on fisioterapia carried out by our specialists in Yekaterinburg, established in the price list.

Gout (growths of bone) - treatment of folk remedies of the bones on the legs
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The benefits and harms of traditional medicine
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