Meltwater: the benefits and harms
Melt water is already very long been used in folk medicine. Its relatively easy to get; you do not even need to wait for winter, enough to freeze some water…

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Diagnosis of the organism at a distance. Extrasensory, bioenergetics, alternative medicine.
Psychic, bio-energy therapist Svetlana Kim. Spend remote diagnosis to identify the diseases and injuries of organs and systems of the body, have a large experience in this direction. To do…

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Alternative medicine in India and the Philippines

Health tourism every year is becoming more popular. Are expanding and there are new medical health institutions in the various countries where tourists are provided with services of this type. And if carrying a serious abdominal operations, treatment of infertility or eye microsurgery require enough time to undertake dental treatment, General body diagnostics, or simple plastic surgery can and while a short break. In addition, almost any vacation that fit into the concept of “ecological tourism” or “active rest” cures chronic fatigue syndrome – is that not traveling ?

Recently the world became extremely popular Wellness tours to the tropics . as well as tours to Philippines, tours to India for recuperation. There is a beach and eco-tourism, and there are also institutions of therapeutic character. Local health centers are equipped with new modern technologies. These include clinics, medical centers, which houses five-star rooms instead of wards. As for the staff, he has very high qualification. The doctors in these centres were trained in the U.S. or Europe,nurses in health centres is also high, they are specially trained and have good manners and a special approach to each visitor.

These countries are interested in the arrival of foreign customers, so the level of services in clinics and health centres – at the international level. As the price of treatment in the Philippines, they are considered the lowest in Southeast Asia. High popularity in the Philippines are “healers”, the representatives of alternative medicine – healers .

Quite a lot of tourists go to the Islands with the aim of exploring alternative medicine and unique treatment method, which is performed by local healers – Philippine healers . conducting ” surgery without traces “.

That repents of India, come here to experience the traditional Indian system of healing . In India Ayurveda is not only medicine in the classic sense of the word, when you treat the body. Ayurveda primarily directed at the recovery of the soul to achieve harmony in man. Resorts in South-East Asia help to rehabilitate and recover patients after surgery and prolonged treatment, to gain strength and health.