For the first time in Moscow. Concert-meditation with Maestro Guillermo Arevalo! In the program: - familiarity with the culture and traditions of the tribe Shipibo-conibo; - answers to questions -…

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Ancient and traditional recipes from disease methods of treatment
SORE THROAT, DIPHTHERIA, SCARLET FEVER A strange but fast way of treatment of angina This treatment is practiced not only in Russia but also in other countries of the near…

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Physicians: animals that can heal people

Every animal in nature brings with it some benefits. Moreover, workers of medicine argue that some of them are even able to treat people. They include the doctors include the following: cats, dogs, horses, bees and snakes.

First the doctors put cats. According to experts, these animals help to treat neuroses, mental disorders and depression. In addition, a total of 20 minutes of dialogue with them will help to normalize your blood pressure and your heartbeat.

On the second place dog. Doctors noticed that the owners of these animals have to regularly walk them. And this, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the physical condition of the person, as sitting is pet, people and himself moving, thus keeping it in good shape. In addition, according to doctors, the dog will help overcome depression and cardiovascular disease. Also these animals are able to sense cancer in their early stages. They emit saliva has antibacterial properties.

The third place horse. There is even a whole line of treatment of these noble animals, which is called hippotherapy. It is known that horses have a psychological and physical impact on the human body.

While interacting with them during the horse edisylate stress and working all the muscles of the body. Horses are beneficial for people with autism and mental disorders. They are able to serve in the fight against alcohol and drug addiction.

The beneficial properties of bees is known since ancient times. Bee provides the healthy and unique products, pollinating plants, thereby contributing to the continuation of life on the planet. Even some beekeepers believe that it is enough to use daily for one hundred and fifty – two hundred grams of honey to permanently get rid of alcohol addiction.

Despite the very scary snakes, they are also useful animals. Their venom is used in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of serious diseases. Also ointments used for massage and treatment of the joints.