Goat's milk is the harm or benefit?
Milk is good for everyone! As previously stated the doctors. Later came to the conclusion that people after 30 years of age are not recommended to consume cow's milk. You…

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Homeopathy and alternative medicine
The system of scientific knowledge and practical measures used to detect, treat and prevent disease is called medicine. Conventionally, the medicine can be divided into two areas: traditional and non-traditional…

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Herbs to cleanse the body

Any herbs for cleansing the body is useful, but keep in mind that the greatest biological activity, and therefore the best effect to bring those herbs that grow in the same climate zone in which man lives. Below we give you a list of herbs and their medicinal properties that will help in cleaning the body.

“Medicinal dandelion”

The healing properties of the dandelion was known since ancient times. The bitterness of the roots medicinal dandelion can cause appetite and helps to stimulate digestion, has a choleretic effect, helps to remove metabolism, weak constipation. Through experimentation, doctors have found that the dandelion has a positive effect on the pancreas. A decoction of the roots of dandelion helps the body to release insulin, reduces inflammation of pancreatitis.

Dandelion is very effective in removing toxins from the body. In this he is not inferior to the nettles. Dandelion is a spring grass. Its therapeutic actions are most clearly evident if consumed raw. All parts of this plant are very useful. Dandelion helps the body to stimulate and rebuild the metabolism in the body if it is disturbed. Dandelion tea is used in the treatment of radiculitis, rheumatism, arthritis.

If a person has an Allergy, it is recommended to take nettle tea. It will help to readjust the body and over time may even contribute to getting rid of allergies. As he pomolodevshimi the skin. It is prescribed as a concomitant therapy of rheumatism and gout. If a person has a predisposition to stone formation, he, too, should drink nettle tea. Tea can be drunk every day for six months, if there is no swelling, but no more than four cups a day.

Herb to cleanse the body. “Horsetail”

Horsetail also contains more minerals than other herbs. There are a lot of silicon, which is so necessary for the human body to good condition of hair, nails, cartilage. Horsetail able to normalize water-salt metabolism in the body. Such helps to remove toxic substances from the body like lead and cholesterol. Horsetail brew, let it brew broth and take it one hour after food three times a day. Remember, if you have impaired kidney function, the infusion of horsetail should be taken only after you consult a doctor about it.

“Flax seeds”