"Cranberry mountain dumps"
Kuzbass pharmacists propose to grow medicinal plants on recultivated lands Kemerovo scientists pharmacists and pharmaceutical manufacturers have developed a program of revival of industrial plantations of medicinal plants in the…

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How to lose weight according to the canons of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Chinese Traditional medicine, different approach to the question of what to do to lose weight. For example, that the power ultimately leads to the weakening of the body and further…

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Acne: treatment of folk remedies

When the disease because the body releases increased amounts of sebum, skin pores can clog, and when hit there bacteria often starts the inflammatory process. To avoid this, try to take a good care of skin is often wash, but not soap or substances in the composition of which is alcohol. Better look for a more gentle skin lotions and gels.

Squeeze pop the pimples is not recommended, as can lead to infection. If you do decide to take this step, before squeezing disinfect the skin with alcohol, press it without effort. If the sensation is painful, it is likely that the pimple is not yet ripe and it is better to wait a little longer, anyway, now you will not be able to remove.

So many means of treating acne offer traditional healers. You can use some of them:

Treatment of the skin start with the use of decoction of burdock root which cleans the blood. To prepare the broth 4 tablespoons of grated root pour a liter of water and leave overnight to swell. In the morning boil for 5 minutes. Superelite then another half an hour, then strain. The first glass you should drink on an empty stomach, the rest during the day.

You can make a drink of mint: 4 tablespoons of leaves to make a tea – drink several times a day.

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Atherosclerosis treatment of folk medicine

Atherosclerosis treatment of folk medicine: symptoms, prevention and treatment.

Take 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day. Strawberry leaves have a diuretic effect, and along with solamalai excrete excess cholesterol. Garlic for lowering cholesterol. Fresh garlic or garlic extract, which is sold in the form of garlic seasoning (granules or powder is a good remedy for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Folk remedy for the treatment of atherosclerosis 1 50 g of dry crushed root elecampane pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist in a dark place for two weeks, occasionally shaking the contents, drain. Take 1 tsp with water, 3-4 times a day before meals with atherosclerosis.

Below are a few popular recipes for the treatment of atherosclerosis simple preparations of medicinal plants. The rosehip for the treatment of atherosclerosis the hips to pound, fill them 60 0.5 l bottle and pour the vodka. To insist in a dark place for two weeks, shaking daily.

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For the first time in Moscow.

Concert-meditation with Maestro Guillermo Arevalo!

In the program:

– familiarity with the culture and traditions of the tribe Shipibo-conibo;

– answers to questions

– healing singing Icaros (sacred songs of the shaman) in the performance of Kesten Betts ‘ (use — Echo of the universe).

Each meeting with the Maestro – opening ceremony of space and transfer energy of Divine light!

This year the Maestro will come to Moscow at the invitation of the Russian Academy of folk Medicine will act at the Russian Congress on complementary medicine in the framework of the “International scientific-practical Forum “Russian health care week 2014”.

White clouds on the Tula Open world and invite anyone interested in native American medicine and culture of Peru on a unique a town hall meeting format. Continue reading